Jesus Loves Trust Falls

May 7, 2019

Jesus Loves Trust Falls



One thing I've learned over the years is that Jesus wants you to rely fully on Him. Not only are we to see that He has provided all that we have, we are to acknowledge that He has never let a legitimate need of ours go unmet. Sometimes something we wanted will go unanswered because it's a want and not a need.


Jesus loves when we don't stress about what we need. If we stress then we aren't utilizing our faith and trust. Sometimes with generosity of our money, time, or talents, it can feel as if Jesus is telling us to draw from an empty well.


"Lord, how can I give that $20 when you know I need it for this bill?"

"Lord, how can I volunteer for this when my schedule is already so full?"


That's when Jesus wants us to step up and step out on faith. He wants us to close our eyes, open our arms wide, and fall back. We can trust fall, knowing full and well that He will always catch us in His arms, safe and secure.


I will let you in on a secret... He hasn't dropped me yet. I've been the poor woman at the well, giving most of what she has. But Jesus is always there, and we always have exactly what we needed when we needed it. He's got this.


Sometimes we're tempted to push the urge to give aside and say "If I only made more, then I would give."  or a favorite "If God would only let me win the lottery, I'd be the most generous person ever."


The truth is, when Jesus is whispering to you to donate your money, items, time, or skill, and you don't listen, or "I would if..." then we are putting our own conditions on something Jesus has put on our hearts to do.


It's almost as if we're saying, "Sorry, Jesus, you're going to have to give me more if you want me to obey." Like the story of the servants and the master., the ones who invested wisely with the little they were given were rewarded. Jesus wants to see that you TRUST HIM. He wants you to trust Him enough to do what he's telling you NOW with little before He gives you more.

And unless anyone thinks this is all about money, money, money. I want to add that God uses his children to serve the world. Sometimes God knows that someone needs food and another is able to provide. Sometimes a family needs help with a bill and he puts it on someone's heart to cover it. Sometimes God tells you that you should offer something you own to someone else and find out that they had a huge need for it.


God shows His love to His children by utilizing the Body of Christ (the Church) to extend His love and care on Earth.


I challenge you, trust fall into the arms of Jesus this week. Pray that He will show you where, and how you can help someone this week. Pray and fall for Jesus.

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