Your Attitude and Intentions

March 20, 2019


I woke up at five a.m. I sat there in the living room nursing on my coffee and hoping that it would wake me up even more than usual. The kids were off today and tomorrow would be Thanksgiving so I thought I would get in one more day of early morning writing work before the holiday week was in full effect.


So I sat there on the couch complaining about being awake, contemplating going back to sleep. I spent way too long on social media. I whacked my knee on my desk as I finally sat down. I grumbled and complained about it. "I should be asleep! Why am I up?" I dramatically clutched my hair and propped my sleepy head on my hand.


If an outsider could have seen me at that moment of time they would have thought that I had been given a task that I hated. But the truth of the matter is that I love writing. No one MAKES me wake up extra early. I choose to do it. I want to write. If I had a limited amount of days to live, writing would be included in those days. Yet here I sat, grumbling, complaining, procrastinating.


Our attitude can have such a huge affect on the way that we handle something and the way that we live life. Instead of saying "Yes! I get to do what I love. God woke me up this morning and I've got words on my heart." I sat there grumbling. I made my passion a chore to dread or attempt to put off.


If you're anything like me, you often have good intentions. Yet something always gets in the way. We really want to do something positive but then we twist it in our hearts with our negative attitudes. We want to make something for someone we care about but we talk ourselves out of it with our self doubt. We want to do something but we complain to ourselves about why we decided to do this. We want to spend quality time with people but then we end up bringing our negative attitudes to tarnish the time.


The funny thing is that just as your attitude can ruin good intentions it can also help you through things that you're not really that excited about. We can catch ourselves in our grumbling and instead look for the positive and the silver linings. Our attitude and intentions can always spin a negative into a positive. We don't often get to decide what will happen from day to day but we do have the power to decide what we will make of it.   

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