Life and the Pursuit of Rest

March 14, 2019


I need a day of rest... I need a day of rest. I had even joked in the past that I wanted to create a day that came after Sunday that was called "Resterday" that would truly be devoted to rest and you literally wouldn't be required to leave bed all day long.


I had a realization though that lately I had become so obsessed and focused on finding down time and rest that I wasn't living my life to the fullest. Instead of spending a fun, impromptu day out having a picnic with my family, I wanted to stay home and nap. Instead of making memories, I was worried about making time to sit and do nothing.


I'm not saying that rest is bad, obviously. We need rest. Our bodies need recharging. But I was so focused on resting that I had a sort of wake-up call that my kids were growing up, moving on, and moving out. Soon the teenagers will be on their own and I will be in a new chapter of my life where they will only come by to visit. Of course we'll make memories and have special moments together then, but it won't be as easy as it will be now. I've seen that in the first few months of my oldest being away at college.


When given an opportunity to do something together with family or friends, I'm going to choose the time together instead of the time doing nothing. Because in the end, what will be more important, those memories or moments of nothing? When I look back on my life am I going to wish I had been able to nap or veg on the couch more?

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