What Have You Done for God Lately

October 1, 2018


If you had a friend who only called when they needed advice, who only talked to you if they needed something or needed help, what would you do? Perhaps you hope that friend will just call to talk but it always ends the same way. They never ask about how you are or what they can do for you, it's always all about them. You might end up reevaluating your friendship with that person if it felt so one sided.


I was sitting on my bed late, much too late for me, on Saturday night when the thought crossed my mind asking me, "What have you done for God lately?" You see, we often have that relationship with God. We talk to him when we need help, when we need guidance, and about our day. That's great. That's what we're supposed to do. We supposed to lean on God for help and guidance throughout our lives. However, I find myself needing to stop and ask what I've done for God.


God wants to hear from us, but we need to be sure that it's not a one way street. That we're not constantly taking without giving back. One way that we give back is through praise and worship of God. However, our ability to contribute to our relationship doesn't need to end there.


So how can we give back to God? How can we change things to be sure that our relationship with God isn't a one way street of take take take without anything in return? We can start by doing what God commanded...Love God. How do we show our love of God? By telling people about what God has done for you. By loving others. We can serve God by serving others. We can honor God by honoring his gifts to us. We can use those gifts to further His plans and purposes.


Look for opportunities around you where you can step in to love people and serve their needs. Look for ways that you can give back what God has given to you. If you have discovered God's gift to you (some people are gifts writers or artists, some people are great listeners, some are great at comforting those who are hurting, maybe you're a good cook, etc) then use those gifts to serve God. Volunteer wherever there is a need around you. I think sometimes people think that if theirs isn't one of the obvious gifts they don't see how they could use it in God's plan. Friends, you may even have a gift with accounting and numbers and God can use that. There is no unusable gift.  


God wants a relationship with you and that relationship should be a two-way street. Take time to reflect and think about what your gift is and pray for God to show you how you can use that for His glory. You're part of his plan. We all are. What can you do for God today?

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