Looking for God's Hand

September 28, 2018


If you've ever taken an art appreciation class, one thing you will learn is how to look at paintings. You can look at a beautiful work of art and just think that it's lovely. However, when you train yourself how to look at paintings you begin to see how and why paintings play so beautifully on the eye.


You learn to look at the composition of a painting. The way the things in the painting are lined up to cause your eye to travel across the canvas. You learn about the playful use of colors and how the compliments and contrasts speak to your eyes.


You take note of the medium used and how the artist used it. Are there rushed jagged smudges of pastels that make you feel frenzied. Do smooth, perfectly blended brush strokes make you feel calm and serene? What was the artist trying to convey?


Dancing slowly around the painting you evaluate it from up close, far away, and from different angles. You take it all in. Every step of how the painting was created has to be evaluated because even if the painting is beautiful, you need to see why it's beautiful. How has every aspect of this painting pulled together to speak to your soul? Only when you look at all of these aspects do you begin to feel the full effect of why the art is so beautiful.


God's work is much like paintings. You can see the world around you and immediately think I like this. I like the way the wind is whispering through the trees as it playfully tousles my hair while I'm sitting on my porch enjoying the evening sunset. You can see a beautiful act of kindness between strangers. You can see the pain poured out in difficult situations and people stepping in to do what they can to lend a hand. However, you have to train your eye to look for God's hand in the world around you.


Look for his brush strokes as he paints the world around you. Look for the composition as he carefully puts everything into place to work for a certain plan. When you begin to look for God's hand in the world around you, you begin to think deeper. You begin to start thinking about what God is trying to convey and what you can do to be a part of that beautifully painted plan.  

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