Let People Like What They Enjoy

September 12, 2018


Oh, it's almost that time of year. The time for changing leaves and the shift in weather to nicer, cooler  temps. It's not my favorite season, although I'm sure that you expected it to be. No, spring is actually my favorite but I do enjoy fall as a close second.


As we're getting closer to heading into a new season I have noticed two things. Quite a lot of posts about fall and people in anticipation. I've also seen quite a lot of negative posts. Why all this negativity over something that people enjoy? When did we become the police of posts on social media?


Everyone and I do mean everyone has something that they really enjoy. Be it a season, a sport, or a fandom, we all sort of "geek out" over things that we love. I have one friend who posts a Christmas countdown starting in the spring before the weather has even started warming up. Do I complain? No, it's what she enjoys and she's ALLOWED to like what she likes. She is ALLOWED to post what she wants on her own page. I've even seen a friend being told that she couldn't decorate her house for fall because that person deemed it too early... Mind you this other person didn't live in said house.


I have some days on Facebook where my entire feed is nothing but football... excitement over the upcoming game, jovial trash talking, play by play commentary during the game, trash talking once it's over. And you know what, I don't dig football...not in the least. But I know that my friends do and this is something that brings them joy.


I am such a geek over things like superheroes and I post way too many of those things, but my friends understand that's what I enjoy. That's the entire point of Facebook, to see what our friends enjoy as they share it with the world.


Everyone posts way too much of SOMETHING...whether it's your fandoms, or decorating pages, or recipes you can't wait to try. Everyone is guilty of posting something they enjoy. I guarantee you that someone doesn't like it. But if they are your friends they will overlook it.


And who cares if we are months away from Halloween, or the fall season doesn't technically start for weeks. Who cares if Christmas is many more months away, and my friend is posting her weekly count down? Someone is sharing something that they really enjoy. We all need to just see it for what it is and appreciate that this is what makes our friend who they are. It's a glimpse into the inner workings of their beautiful souls. Relax. Take a deep breath...and keep on scrolling.

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