Looking Past the Weeds

August 20, 2018



I'm not good at flower gardening. I'll be honest and admit that right now. One of the fun things about moving is discovering what people have planted there before you. We've been at this house for nearly four years now and each year has been fun learning what the previous owners planted in their flower beds.


My favorite spot is a little oasis type cluster that surrounds a rock on the hill. It looks like a mess at times but then you'll have bursts of color as some little bush blooms beautifully in the spring and tons of lilies bloom up along with some irises. It's my little happy spot to be able to look out the window and enjoy this area.


There's another flower bed right beside my porch and since we first moved in I've had the pleasure of discovering some daffodils and even planted some of my own. I've attempted to plant a bunch of bulbs there but they never grow very large.  The area is mostly in the shade so I've tried to be conscientious of what would grow there.


I finally gave up this year and just let things grow. Before too long, this area was overcome with plants that looked like weeds and they were continually growing taller and taller. I just gave in and decided to let these weeds grow to see what they would look like. I know that's part cheating considering it's just weeds and that it's just me being lazy and giving in to a situation. I also am that person who thinks even a yard full of wild dandelions are beautiful. A lot of weeds have a beauty of their own and don't always have to be fought against.


Before too long, as these weeds were well over a foot tall, I noticed that they were all covered with flower buds. It was getting ridiculously tall though. The walkway was looking rough. I'd frequently look at it and be torn between the thoughts "I need to pull these" and "I wonder what these weeds will look like when they bloom."


Finally as they were past two feet tall, the flowers popped open. I was blessed with a bed full of beautiful orange Black Eyed Susans.  What I had thought were weeds this whole time actually became something beautiful.


Our lives are like this. We can be surrounded with difficult situations, sometimes ugly situations. We can feel as if these situations are taking over our life. But in the end, when it blooms and reveals the true reason for this difficulty, we can see what God's true purpose was all along. Our lives will be filled with the beauty of God's blessings, His path, and His plan.




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