Three Ways to Start Gardening

June 5, 2018


If you're just now developing an interest in vegetable gardening, you  may feel somewhat overwhelmed with where to start. The first thing you should do is write down what you buy most often from the produce isle (head over to my post about deciding what to grow to give you some ideas of what to consider). Once you have a few plants that you want to start with, create a plan of how you're going to grow based on yard available.



There are three ways that you can actually start gardening. First is by starting seeds indoors under a grow light. People usually do this a few weeks before it is time to set plants outside in the spring. You can get seed starting kits where you directly sew a seed and water them regularly and have the grow light on each day. This way by the time the threat of frost has passed you can transfer outside to your garden area.








The second way is to direct sew to your garden area. This where you plant the seeds once the threat of frost is past and you don't have to worry about transferring plants. The pro to this is no transferring, the con is that it shortens your growing season because you're losing a few weeks that you could have started indoors. Some plants work best directly sewing outside though such as corn and green beans. If you attempt to grow plants like this inside, they sometimes become too wily and take over your growing area. You also have to worry about seed failure where maybe something you did didn't align right and your seeds don't sprout. When you plant outside you lose a little bit of control over variables that will help your seeds to sprout.






The third option is to buy plant starters. These are those lovely little plants that have already been started for you. This is the easiest option if you're just starting out with gardening but it also is slightly more costly. It also is helpful if you're starting late in the season. I once planted on the first of July and had tomatoes for around 2 months still. It's also a great option if you don't have the space indoors to set up a grow kit station or if you haven't had much luck with starting seeds outdoors. Sometimes I've encountered plants that I just cannot start on my own (I'm looking at you herbs!) and these are great just to cut the frustration and buy them already started.


It's a little late in the season to start seeds indoors this year, but you still have plenty of time to direct sow or buy starters! Once you look at your options and decide which will be best for you, you'll be lovingly tending to that vegetable garden in no time!

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