I'm Back! The Blog Game and Why I'm Not Playing

May 31, 2018


I'm Back! It's been quite a while since I posted anything. Over six months actually. A lot of that has been because of health issues. We became pregnant just before Christmas, a very physically tiring pregnancy, and then at twenty-one weeks I had a still birth and a horrible labor and delivery that took a long time to recover from. I may write more on that later and go into more details but that's not what I'm writing this post about today.


Before I got pregnant, I had stopped blogging for a couple of months. I was so drained over it. There is a game that comes along with blogging. The first part of the game is to place ads on your page so that you'll generate income. The second part is posting with affiliate links so that people will follow the links to shop and you'll generate income. And the third part is the you scratch my back I'll scratch yours thing to generate more readers. What that means is that you have to follow a ton of bloggers and comment on their posts so that they will hopefully return the favor and follow your blog posts and comment on yours.


First, who wants to sift through a bunch of ads while they are reading a blog? That's just obnoxious and I personally never actually click on those ads unless it's by mistake. The affiliate links are pretty good because I would never link to an item unless I was truly recommending it, but it does take time away from other blog posts while you're trying to write a post that contains said links. And lastly, on the you follow me and I'll follow you, that's just a lot of work. I felt like it was taking time away from the task of actually writing which is what I'd much rather focus on.


I played that game once before when I was part of another how-to community site online. I spent so much time but never seeing any extra income and the same happened to me once more. I was spending so much time elsewhere and never saw any return for it.


I'm done. I feel like all of that was taking away from what I felt was the true purpose of the blog. I feel that it was and is a calling from God to utilize what He gave me to reach others. If He intends for my readership to rise, it will. If He intends for me to make money from my blog somehow then I will. But I'm not going to waste time trying to turn this blog into something that it wasn't intended to be from the beginning.


Hopefully the readers that I do have will appreciate that I'm writing from my heart. That there aren't a million ads to sort through, that I'm not posting trying to get them to buy something. And hopefully they'll WANT to be here and not just returning a favor. Hopefully God will use something I write to touch your heart in some way or provide encouragement.

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