Quick (Less Stinky) Way to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

October 19, 2017

Is your home being invaded? Mine sure is! This past week as we've begun heading into the fall season it seems like every time I turn around my dining room is full of that most odoriferous of assailants...the stink bug!


I don't know why we have more here, maybe it's because our house is on the edge of the great big woods but since we've moved here we've been under attack. At first, I was lucky enough to not be able to smell them. What a wonderful thing that was. I would just kill them with no trouble. But one day last year I went on full attack mode and I think I must have killed between twenty or thirty and it happened. I could smell them! I was overwhelmed by it. And thus, sadly, my immunity to the stench of the retched bug was gone. Because of that though, my attack mode had to change. I couldn't just kill them anymore unless I wanted the overwhelming smell taking over my house. (I'll also add that I should probably apologize to my family because when I was killing them, they COULD smell them. I heard quite a bit of "Gaaaahhhh! Mommy! Why?!" and I just laughed and laughed. So I guess I got my karma. haha!)




My father-in-law had this wonderful idea to share and I thought I would pass it along to you all. It works like a gem. All you have to do is take a bottle, like a 20oz water or soda bottle. You quickly sneak it up under them and most times they'll even do you the favor of dropping into the bottle for you. Put the lid back on and there you go. Super easy and less stinky. Often the bugs don't realize they are being captured so they don't release that nauseating odor. If they do, it's inside the bottle so you're closing it up and not even smelling it. They don't typically try to fly back out either, so you can leave the bottle open as you scoop up five or more in one session. Once you have captured those you just replace the cap and I sit mine aside somewhere inconspicuous to use again when I need it.



I recently read about setting up a shallow pan with a little light above it. I like that idea and might give it a try, although I'm wary because of my cats. But for the mean time my little stink bug bottle works great.


Now, if anyone has a way to essentially deter the little buggers from actually getting into your home, I would love to hear about it! Comment below!

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