Parking Lot Compassion

September 6, 2017


I was leaving that fabulous place known as Wally World. Also known as my least favorite place on earth. I had little boss man with me as well as a buggy full of groceries. The lady beside me happened to also be approaching her trunk at the same time. So side by side we start unloading our groceries into our trunks. We were pretty close to the front, taking up the first and second spaces just beyond the handicap parking spots.


Almost as soon as we began, a huge truck rolls up, spots us and stops. He literally parks in the aisle and I swear I might have heard his truck turn off but I'm not sure about that one. I started grumbling to myself. What part of me having a buggy full of groceries AND a two year old in tow makes you think that I'm going to be quick? You could have moved on to another one instead of sitting there and making me feel all rushed and like I need to get out of there as soon as possible. Anyone who has had a child knows that this isn't a quick process. I'm going to be here for a while. I can't stand it when I feel rushed there.


So the entire time I'm huffing and puffing to myself about how this inconsiderate jerk is rushing me and the lady beside me (without any children but with a buggy just as full). I'm grumbling and complaining to myself... the nerve of this guy!


I finally get my trunk loaded and then I have to take the buggy all the way back. Of course there is not return slot anywhere nearby so I have to walk nearly two aisles over to take it back. The lady before me had finished up and returned her buggy. She was leaving so the man in the big truck could take her spot in a second. I return the buggy and walk with little man back to the car.


So I'm still hot, huffing and puffing as I load the baby into the car. You know if you have a two year old that this is a process in itself that doesn't go quickly. Through the van windows I could see someone moving. The guy with the big truck had parked and was getting out.


I close the van door in the back just in time to see Big Truck Guy walk around the rear of my vehicle. He's walking with a limp and a cane. I froze. I felt a rock hit the bottom of my stomach. Oh the agony of humiliation I felt at that moment. The conviction on my heart. Here I was complaining to myself and getting all angry and worked up when this guy NEEDED my spot. He needed the spot that was closest to the door.


I had judged him falsely without taking anything else into consideration. I had assumed that he was being rude and I had reacted with anger down inside my heart. It turned out he wasn't being ugly for trying to rush me. I was being ugly for not being compassionate to him. Even if he hadn't needed the spot, I shouldn't have let my emotions run away with me. It's just a parking spot and if someone wanted to wait a moment or two extra on me, then why let it bother me. It reminded me that every single person we encounter every day has a story or something that they are going through that we don't know. We need to have compassion regardless.



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