Burn the Candle! Enjoy Life Everyday

September 1, 2017



When I was younger I used to collect scented candles. I was in love with the different scents, how each was different but struck various memories or a feeling of enjoyment. I almost never lit my candles but would occasionally sniff each of them to enjoy the aroma.


Fast forward about twenty years and my love of pleasurable scents is still there, replaced now with a lighted Scentsy burner instead of a traditional flame. Last week I discovered a drawer full of scented discs that I had put away to use whenever company would visit. Literally a bag full, untouched.


You may wonder where I'm going with this. Let me first tell you a story...


Almost sixteen years ago, I was expecting my first child. For the life of me, I can't remember who but someone gave me a beautiful white blanket. It wasn't handmade (I would have remembered who it was from then), but it was so precious. A beautiful white square with delicate fringe around the edges. This blanket wrapped around the thought of my beloved bundle of joy that would soon arrive.


There was one problem, I had babysat plenty of times in the past to know that this delicate snowy blanket would not stay so precious and pristine for long. In my attempt to keep this blanket beautiful and soil free I wouldn't use it. I kept it up and looked at it lovingly but grabbed a similar blue blanket when it came time to swaddle my bouncing boy.


A little over a year later and I was expecting my daughter. I went through my son's baby items to decide what to re-use, what had seen better days, and what was ready to move on. I came across the white blanket I had put away. It was still as crisp white as the fresh fallen snow but there was something different. It held no sentimental value for me. Placed beside the blue blanket that was almost identical (yet, now well worn), I gravitated toward that blue blanket and the memories it swaddled.


In my attempt to keep the white blanket perfect, I had put it away and forgot about it. I didn't enjoy it every day as I had the blue one. In my strive to keep it special, I had actually made it the opposite.


I decided then and there that regardless of stains or soil I would use that blanket with my daughter. Now, fourteen years later, that white blanket is somewhere on Sis' bed. It is somewhat tattered and torn and is more of a gray shade than snowy white. But it still has a place in my heart and hers, and even has a name, "Blankety." It became a special part of her life because we enjoyed it each day and she clutched it lovingly each night. It was her favorite "lovey."


 When I found the bag of unused scent discs I decided that I should enjoy them each day and not just put them away for special occasions. Because each day IS a special occasion. Each day is a gift to be enjoyed and we should find happiness in the small things that matter to us. Enjoy the gift and make each day special.

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