The Thigh Gap is Back

August 28, 2017


Have you heard? The thigh gap is back?! That's all I've seen lately, comments about the thigh gap and how you, too, could achieve said gap in your thighs. If you aren't sure what a thigh gap is, it is that space that appears between the top of your thighs when you are thin.


When I was thirteen I first heard of the thigh gap. I don't think it was called that back then or at least in the place that I heard about it. It was in a teen magazine. You know the ones where it would give you all types of articles and advice to guide you through your teen years. Things like make up application and products that you can't live without. How to improve yourself. How to be a good friend. How to be the perfect example of what you're supposed to look like. How to be everything I was not.


Of course at thirteen I read these magazines as if they were gospel because if a magazine said it, it had to be true. I don't remember the entirety of the article that I read then but I do remember taking the thigh gap from it. It said that when your body was perfect you would have three triangles between your legs: the gap between your upper thighs, around your knees and at your ankles. My chubby little thirteen year old self stood up and put her feet together and notice that my legs touched perfectly. There was no gap between my legs at all. A perfect line ran straight from my ankles all the way to the top and no triangles in sight. I wasn't perfect. My body was wrong. I was wrong.


In our recent times of body acceptance, loving ourselves as we are, you are beautiful, I really didn't think I would see a comeback of the thigh gap. But lo and behold it is here and making its rounds once more. This doesn't affect me personally. I'm to the point in my life where I really don't care if I have triangles between my legs or if they squish together like fluffy pillows. I'm good.


My biggest concern is the new generation of girls, especially having a teenage daughter myself. I don't want her to ever hold herself to some narrow gate of beauty that maybe 10% of the population fits into and the rest are left behind. I want her to know that if she is thin, fit, curvy, or plus size that it's all beautiful. It is beautiful and you are beautiful. I want her to know that it doesn't even matter beyond high school because you find out that men don't care and there are different types of men that like different types of women. I want her to know that when you fall in love with the person who eventually becomes your spouse that they don't care. They fall in love with your heart, not your triangles. You'll grow rounder together, and gray together, and saggy together, and wrinkled together and it doesn't matter because you love each other.


  I want all girls everywhere, from two to 102 to know that your value never lies in triangles, or scale numbers, or sizes. Your value is in you. Everything that makes up who you are inside and out. Have confidence in yourself because that sets a beautiful glow around you that no other measure can touch.


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