Feeding Teens Tip: Prepped Salads!

August 4, 2017


I wanted to share a quick tip today for a good healthy snack for teenagers. Sometimes, I will put a bunch of prepared salad bowls in the fridge...no, not in mason jars. (I'm sure that's a great option but my mason jars are typically in use elsewhere).


At first, I was wary of doing a salad prep like this because I wasn't sure if I would end up with a ton of mini salads that I would end up having to rush to eat myself, or worse yet...end up in the trash. However, since my teens all seemed to be eating salads I made for dinner, I decided to give it a go and hold my breath. To my surprise, they all disappeared pretty fast and I felt pretty good about giving my kids salad. I'm sure there's some sort of bonus points I'm going to get rewarded for that, right?


So anyway, I use these cute little bowls that I got from the Dollar Tree, they are $1 for three, I think. Pretty decent quality for that price too. I line them all up and then chop up a bunch of lettuce (I once cheated and bought a large bag of pre-cut lettuce at Sam's Club, so whatever floats your boat here. Each container gets a good helping of lettuce. Then I chop whatever veggies I want to include. For this time, what I had on hand was cucumbers and green onions and even though most of my kids aren't huge tomato fans I tossed a small amount of those in there too. I also sometimes shred some carrots and include those.


After each bowl gets it's helping of veggies then I top it with a sprinkling of cheese. I often have a ton of cheddar on hand. Sometimes I use mozzarella. You could easily mix it up and use whatever you'd like. Then I add a few bacon bits. I am not going to argue the health aspect of adding the bacon bits. They're totally fake, I don't even know what they're made of. I just know they aren't bacon, but they add a flavor that my kiddos like so I toss them in there too.


And that's it. Don't add salad dressing because as you know the second you add dressing, the wilt factor goes into effect and your salad gets yucky really fast. I also don't include croutons for the soggy reason. The kiddos add those when they are ready to eat it. Pop the tops on the containers and stack them in the fridge and you're good to go. One bonus to these containers is that you can put the top back on after you add your dressing and give it a good shake so that the it's distributed evenly.


We aren't usually the healthiest house when it comes to eating so anytime I can sneak in a healthy snack always makes me feel better. Now, where are we keeping track of my momma points?

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