Perfectly Round Eggs

July 27, 2017




  I tend to make breakfast foods a lot and when I make fried eggs, I always had the problem of my eggs running into each other. Trying to separate them is always a pain. I decided to make breakfast sandwiches not too long ago but I needed them to be more round so that it would fit the biscuits better. I have seen people using fancy rings that I suppose are actually for this purpose but of course I didn't have those. And honestly, it's just not in my budget to go buy something like this whenever I get a whim. So what to do?


            Enter the canning ring! I always have a ton of canning rings on hands. These are pieces of the two part lid system for canning jars. There is the flat lid part that seals and the ring that holds it into place. These are perfect circles that would surely hold my eggs into place when I'm frying!


            To use this method, you need to first be sure that your rings are good and clean. Then, (perhaps the most important step) is to be sure that you grease them well. I've used Pam cooking spray with good results as well as Crisco. Just use it liberally because if your eggs stick you're going to have a mess.


         As you heat up your skillet with whatever you cook with (Pam, butter, Crisco, bacon grease-my preference), grease your rings then lay them into your skillet. Make sure your skillet is good and hot then crack your eggs directly into the rings. Try to go a little slower as you pour the eggs in so that it will form a little layer of solidity against the skillet. If you go too fast, the eggs may slip under the ring. As you can see in the pics I did pour mine in a little faster and had some egg slip under the ring. If you're really really wanting them to be perfectly round you can break these pieces away after you flip them.


            After you get all of the rings filled with eggs, cook them as you typically would fried eggs. Give them time to cook well on the first side. This will help when you go to flip them.


            Flip carefully but quickly to try to keep any egg from spilling out of your ring. If you've greased them properly you shouldn't have any problems turning them. After about a minute on the flipped side you can use a fork to carefully remove the rings. Be careful, they will be hot. They should have maintained their shape. If you've had any leaking around the ring you might want to work with two forks to wiggle them out.


        There you have it, an easy way to make beautiful round fried eggs that will fit perfectly on a biscuit or sandwich. With the bonus of not having to buy anything you don't already have on hand.


     Another tip: If you want to save time in the future you can fry up a bunch of these round eggs and freeze them in a ziploc bag. Then when you need them just pop them out and reheat in the microwave.

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