End of an Era ~When your kid stops an activity

July 21, 2017


I was looking through my Facebook memories this past week and I noticed that there were many from end of year softball celebrations. My daughter, happily smiling with her trophies, celebrating the end of a season. This year we had another end of a season although I'm not sure how much I am celebrating. This year was the end of the season of softball in our lives.


Sometimes it happens, when your kid hits that age and start discovering who they are more and more. The things that you assumed would be their "thing" forever becomes one of their least favorite activities and then your kid is done with it. This is what happened with Sis and softball. After 4 seasons, she decided this year that it wasn't what she wanted to do anymore. She wanted more time to focus on her art, choir, and other things.


Of course I was okay with this. It's hard but you have to be. You don't want to force your child to do an activity just because it's what they've always done or because it brings YOU joy. You can't do that. Even if you thought that just maybe this would be the thing that helped them get an edge up on the coveted college scholarship.


We've gone through this twice now, with softball for Sis and with robotics for Z man. After a couple of years and what I thought was his sure fire fit, he decided he was done with it. He's going to focus on coding and game design instead. There's disappointment sometimes but you have to understand it as a parent.


I will add though that I do not personally allow quitting DURING an actual season. I feel that if they've made a commitment they need to at least follow through during that time period. Some may disagree with me, but I think this helps teach your kids about commitments and completing tasks.


The weirdest revelation about this was that my daughter was dreading telling me because she thought I would be disappointed in her. Obviously, I wasn't. Instead I explained that I was happy when she was happy doing an activity and if she felt like she was done playing softball that I'll support her in her next endeavor. That's ultimately what these extracurricular activities are all about anyway, your child finding what brings them joy and happiness. So today we say goodbye to softball and hello to the possibilities of the future.


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