Introverted Mother of an Extroverted Child

July 18, 2017


We have reached a point in toddler hood where little Boss Man wants to go out all the time. It occurred to me that although I'm perfectly content to spend an entire week without stepping foot beyond the confines of my yard that he is just not happy with that. He wants to...*gulp* socialize.


You would think that being a mom of three teenagers that I would be used to this extroverted socialization by now. I mean, all of the older kids aren't introverts. Actually I don't think any of them are. When we homeschooled before, I was the one who struggled with the socialization part but of course I did what I had to do for my kids. We participated in different activities every week and we had a good time.


However, since we switched to public school, I've become more and more used to being able to stay at home aside from the regular school events and concerts. My day to day usually doesn't involve any direct interaction. I think I've become happily spoiled to that. Until recently...


When I realized that Baby O is officially to the age where he's craving that interaction with littles his own age. It's almost as if he's an only child in some ways because all of his siblings are older. When they aren't at school or off doing their own things, they are doing the typical teenage hanging in the room thing. It leaves little O playing alone most of the time or with me. And let's face it, apparently I'm not as fun as a two year old anymore. Or he's bored with me! Ha!


So what's an introverted mother to do? The same thing I do every time I need to do something for my kids. I will bite the bullet and overcome my introverted nature to give my child what he needs. I have plans to join the reading group at the library each week once school starts back in a couple of weeks and I will probably add another activity like a toddler playtime, park time or something along those lines. Because ultimately that's what he needs right now and it's stronger than what I need. I'll just be the mom hovering quietly in the corner watching her extroverted child shine.




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